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#DailyWritingChallenge – Day 13 – Community

Community is

Checking on your neighbour to see if they need any shopping or medication.

Sharing a knowing smile with your neighbour as you pass at a 2m distance.

Taking to the doorstep at 8pm on Thursdays to applaud and cheer our amazing care network.

Setting up new Whatsapp groups for various friendship groups you no longer see.

Calling someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Watching the Friday night musical on YouTube.

The weekly family FaceTime quiz/catch up.

Buying a tin of biscuits for the supermarket staffroom with your essential shopping.

Putting on a brave face for the children you still care for in school.

Hosting a water fight for the key worker’s children because they haven’t missed a day yet.

Developing stronger bonds than before with less physical contact.

Saying what needs to be said.

Leaving some things unsaid.

Sending updates to the school Twitter page just to keep in touch.

Sending a photo, video or message to someone just to try and brighten their day.

Thinking about others before yourself.

Understanding that we’re all in the same boat.

Friendships built on one thing in common – lockdown.

The only thing that will get us through this in one piece.

Community is everything.

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